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Here at True Wealth, we understand that your finances play a crucial role in your life.  We know that how you manage them can impact your attitudes, your relationships, and your family tree for generations to come.  Our goal is to help make managing your finances simple.

Our mission is to build long lasting relationships to help you take control of your money, so you can use it as a tool to focus on what really matters and live a life of True Wealth.


Our culture is built on the belief that ongoing relationships are the difference maker.  We have structured our team to better serve you by utilizing the individual strengths of our team members.  This formula allows us to pair our passion for people with industry experience and innovative technology, giving you the service and attention you deserve.


Mason Samuels, CKA®, CRPC®, AIF®

Financial Advisor

(720) 217-9541

Mason Samuels is passionate about helping individuals, families, and business owners in working towards their financial goals. He specializes in both assisting clients with identifying, understanding, and implementing practical and...

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Katy Greene, CFA, CFP®

Financial Advisor

(303) 717-0846

I joined True Wealth Advisors after a decade of experience in the financial services industry. As a partner and consultant to individuals, families and small businesses, I take time to guide clients through life’s financial seasons.

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Levi Knutson, CFP®

Financial Advisor

(303) 396-0629

As a CFP® professional, Levi Knutson is dedicated to helping individuals, families, athletes, and small businesses pursue their financial goals. He believes in biblical principles on how to manage money, build wealth, and pursue...
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Lloyd Sprague

Financial Advisor

(303) 881-5813

For the past three decades I have trained and educated financial advisers to prepare their
clients for retirement.

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Alex Goldstein

Financial Advisor


As a financial advisor I am here to walk alongside clients through all of life’s financial seasons.

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Anna Graff

Operations Manager

(720) 638-9259

I joined TrueWealth Advisors after spending almost a decade working in customer service. I love working closely with people to help them achieve their financial goals and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you receive the highest...

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